— Working with local businesses: Ink & Threads —

I’ve had the privilege of working and collaborating with quite a number of other local businesses,
so I am going to start introducing you to them all. The first being Papamoa locals Ink & Threads. 

— Ink & Threads – Papamoa —

Ink & Threads specialise in creating custom designed pillowcases, tea towels, bags, cushions and more!
Their creations are printed on 100% cotton, using water based paint (perfect for little ones might I add!), and is printed direct to the garment. 

I don’t even remember how I found these guys. I think I recall seeing an ad of theirs on Facebook. (So ads do work guys!). I clicked through to their page and their website to discover something I had been looking for, for quite some time now! I had been searching for a local business who would print pillowcases and other items, but at a reasonable cost, and with very small minimum order quantities. I had struck gold! These guys did ALL the work. All I had to do was provide the design I wanted, and the colours. It gets even better…I could do this all online (using their online desginer), from the other side of the country! – I was living in Hamilton at the time. So as soon as I had sent through my design and quantities etc, all I had to do was pay for it, and within such a reasonable time the products would arrive on my doorstep! More often they arrived a lot sooner than expected! And thus our very own unique pillowcases and tea towels came about!

Allan & Niki have constantly provided wonderful customer service, and outstanding products. And if you need some help creating something, Niki is graphic designer and is more than willing to help you out.

— Q & A time with Niki! —

1. Who does most of the work at I&T (bit of a cheeky question)?
I’ll say ME, but my husband would disagree 🙂
2. What is your favourite product?
I love our customisable banners, they are a great alternative to the usual A4 prints.
3. When is your busiest time of year?
Definitely November/December for Xmas presents. Lots of Santa Sacks get printed!
4. Where is your happy place (outside of work)?
The beautiful Papamoa beach, 5 mins from home.
5. Why did you start your own business?
Freedom and flexibility, both in time but also creatively.
6. How did you choose the name ‘Ink & Threads’?
It’s from the raw materials we use to make our products – ink and cotton,
but also I like the fact that Threads also means clothing

— Find them here —

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— Our Creations —

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