1.     Definitions

In these conditions unless the context otherwise requires:

  • Buyer means the person, or company buying the goods from Oh Em Gee.
  • Products and/or services mean the products and/or services being purchased by the buyer from Oh Em Gee.

2.     Quotation

Upon custom orders, the buyer may request a quotation from Oh Em Gee setting out the price of the goods. If the quotation is acceptable to the buyer, the buyer may place the order and make payment within 7 days upon receiving an invoice via email.

3.     Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions and any subsequent terms and conditions issued by Oh Em Gee shall apply to all orders for the goods and the services made by the buyer after the date and time at which these conditions are first delivered or sent by email. It shall be the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that these conditions have been read and understood and any order made by the buyer shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions.

4.     Price

  • The price shall be as indicated on invoices or email provided by Oh Em Gee to the buyer in respect of products and/ or services supplied; or
  • Oh Em Gee reserves the right to implement a surcharge for alterations to specifications of products after the order has been placed.

5.     Payment

  • The method of payment from the buyer to Oh Em Gee will be made via online banking, or by debit/credit card with Stripe, or by Laybuy.
  • Account information and the buyers order number will be included in the checkout process and via email confirmation from Oh Em Gee to the buyer.

6.     Refunds, Returns and Exchanges

  • Oh Em Gee cannot exchange products if the buyer has changed their mind. Please choose your items carefully.
  • If the buyer requests a custom order, the buyer must be as specific as possible. Please provide us with as much information as possible about your custom request.
  • If there is a genuine fault with any item Oh Em Gee will repair or replace it free of charge.
  • If the product is damaged during delivery, it will be lodged with the courier company. This process can take a while, so we request your patience.
  • The buyer is requested to make contact with Oh Em Gee within 3 working days, to notify us any faults.
  • The buyer may be asked to email a photo through to Oh Em Gee before returning the product, so we can asses the issue prior to the item being returned.
  • Oh Em Gee recommends that the buyer return the goods by courier, as Oh Em Gee cannot accept responsibility for any items that are lost in transit.
  • Once Oh Em Gee has received and inspected the goods, the refund will be processed.
  • Oh Em Gee reserves the right to refuse a refund if the goods are deemed, not faulty, or are returned later than 14 days after the buyer has received it.
  • Oh Em Gee can not issue a refund if the item is in transit. We can not issue a refund if an item is delayed.