Kuwi the Kiwi…What’s this all about? I’m pretty delayed, but a huge Congratulations to Tikitibu for winning the People’s Choice Award, for ‘Best Medium Stand Design’ at this years NZ Spring Gift Fair! 

Kat Merewether, approached me to do some commission work, and boy was I a stunned mullet! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her message! Kat is the author and illustrator of many poplar children’s books such as ‘Kuwi the Kiwi’, and ‘Kuwi’s Very Shiny Bum’. She also runs Illustrated Publishing.

In all honesty, I was nervous, excited, scared, and probably a few other emotions rushed through my body, as the messages between us continued! 

She had a sign custom made by Peg Creative, which she wanted me to work some extra magic on. 
Guess what?! The sign was HUGE! It was 800mm in diameter!!! It was so well designed and made, that is was hand delivered (from Te Awamutu to Tauranga), by Kat’s hubby! What a champ he is! I also think the sign was hand delivered from Auckland to Te Awamutu – but do’nt quote me on that one!

The brief I was given, was native flora, bright colours. 

Well, I did my brainstorming…I even bumped one of the flowers on my huuuuge ‘to make’ list, right up to the top, just so I could make it happen and integrate it with the overall design.

That flower, was a Kōwhai flower. From scratch, I designed my very own felt kowhai flower! And I was bloody well chuffed with the final design! These are being added to our online SHOP soon!

Native to New Zealand, the Kōwhai flower, is bright yellow, which bloom in Spring. Usually in clusters, on each branch, with gorgeous draping leaflets. Kōwhai trees, which can grow up to 25m high are home to Native birds such as the tui, bellbird, kākā and New Zealand pigeon/kererū. Kōwhai are an important seasonal nectar food source for our Tui, Bellbird and New Zealand wood pigeon/kererū.

So Anyway….

I incorporated the Kōwhai flower, fern leaf, and fern frond (koru), and pōhutukawa.
I liked the simplicity of using just two flowers, against the greenery, which I did in different shades, to add contrast.

As well as doing the sign, we did some vines, and few little other greenery pieces.
Each piece was designed, so that Kat could rearrange the pieces, for different set ups/shows etc.

And she was happy with what I had designed…(well so I think from her responses). Ha!

So I wanted to take this time to say Thanks! (because I haven’t written a blog for aaages, and this was all far too much info to write in one social media post).

Thank you Katherine! To you and your team – For trusting me to create such a piece (or pieces I should say).
Thank you TIkitibu! – You guys all did an amazing job of the set up!
Thank you Peg Creative! – For also trusting in me, with one of your amazing master pieces!

And of course, I kind of just have to thank everyone, for continuing to support me. All the likes and comments on social media, but positive messages and feedback, the raving reviews and repeat customers! You all continue to drive me, and inspire me, and encourage me, to keep doing what I’m doing. Thank you!
(And if you haven’t got a Kuwi the Kiwi book yet, go and grab one now instore or online!)

And once again. CONGRATULATIONS, on WINNING People’s Choice Award, for ‘Best Medium Stand Design’ at this years NZ Spring Gift Fair! 

Em xx

Kuwi the Kiwi

Kuwi the Kiwi

Kuwi the Kiwi

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  1. Fiona Timoti-Knowles says:

    Awesome blog Emily. Love your work … the creative thinking you put into your designs. The kowhai flower you made is detailed and vibrant. You have a natural talent for blogging. Love how you gives thanks and appreciation to all your supporters and fans of your work. Keep up the amazing work!

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