Wow! So apparently it is year twenty sixteen?! And did you know or remember that 2016 is a LEAP YEAR???

I was blessed to see the new year in with my family. And by that I mean, I was in bed by 10:30pm and asleep by 11:00pm.  HA! HA! There was no way my children would stay up that late, and besides, they are too young to know anyway. My oldest only knows one month of the year, which is January. The other day (back in December), I started teaching him that his birthday was in January. He proceeded to ask me if we could go to January, thinking it was a place. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I didn’t really set any new year resolutions as such. However, I did find an image which I posted to my Instagram page – and I think it pretty much sums up my plan for the year. (Yes I did find it on Pinterest).


This year does bring a slight change to Oh Em Gee. We will be focusing a lot more on our flowers, and less on the buntings and garlands etc. I am still a one woman show and with only 1 child in daycare and the other at home full time, I have limited time to make and create. I will take on very limited custom orders for garlands and other items, but part of the change will see us heading in a new direction over 2016, and my priority will be focusing on this change. I have a new vision for my Forever Flowers, but there is a lot of work involved, so we will see where the road takes us.

Obviously from this blog entry, you will now know that I have added a ‘blog’ to our website. For me personally, the blog will be a way to express myself a little more, (more than I do on Facebook & Instagram), get a bit more in depth on certain topics or products, and just a fun, new place to write, share stuff and truly be myself. But consider this a warning! You may start to discover the kooky side of me, along the way.

I won’t be a die hard blogger either! This is my first ever blog, so I am only planning 1 a month (with maybe a few extras in between, if I find time).

Thank you for continuing to follow and support Oh Em Gee, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. I am on Twitter too, but to be honest, I just link the same content from Instagram to Twitter. So many accounts, not enough time in the day. My bad!


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