— Care Instructions —

Here customers can find simple care instructions for their felt products and other decor products. This is a new aspect I have added to the website, to help minimise the use of paper/other unnecessary packaging when sending out products.

Please bear with me, if I miss anything, or if you have any other questions about looking after your felt products and decor, I will be more than happy to answer your queries via email or our contact page.

— Felt Flowers —

Caring for felt flowers is SUPER simple. 

Reshape: During transit, it is natural for some of our felt products to slightly lose their natural shape. Luckily, felt is incredibly easy to work with and can easily be reshaped.

For example: If a customer has ordered some roses, which turn up a little flattened or squashed, simply use your fingers and gently pull each petal back out until you have opened the rose back out.
If a customer has ordered some foliage, the same applies. Gently using your fingers, shape each leaf, until you have the desired look you want.

You can also use a slim hair straightener, on a medium heat, and gently use the tip/corner of the hair straightener, to either, flatten, or curl you petals into the desired shape of your flower.

As for the any wire stems, these usually stay intact. However, if you do find they have bent during transit, then they too are simple to flatten back out. An easy way is to lay the stem along a flat surface, and run your finger down the stem, rotate the stem slightly, and repeat. Otherwise, you can also bend the stem to achieve the desired look you want!

Stains: If somehow you get a stain, that you think is removable (aka not vivid), then please follow these guidelines. (Please note, I can not guarantee full removal of stain). 
1. Dab the area gently with a little water.
2. If necessary, use a little sunlight soap, and dab again.
3. Repeat with water again, until soap is gone. 
4. In some cases you may be able to gently press out excess water. If not, let air dry.
5. Before completely dry, or one dry, you can reshape as you please.

DO NOT attempt to water your felt flowers! Doing so will result in soggy, sad looking flowers!!!
However, if your happen to spill water on your flowers, use a dry cloth to pat dry the flowers. Leave in a warm dry place (like a hot water cupboard), until completely dry. You may find that that the flower/s lose its shape, simple use you hands/fingers to fold/bend the petals back to their original shape.

— Wedding Flowers —

Care instructions for wedding flowers, are as above. 
Take care with any pins, e.g. buttonieres, keep out of reach of children.
All wedding flowers should be kept safe, away from water, out of reach of children, and out of direct sunlight to avoid any fading.
If your order has been sent early, with time to spare before your wedding date, if possible, keep in original packaging, to help keep dust off, or store somewhere and cover with any sort of dust protector. Also keep out of sunlight, as condensation may occur if stored in plastic.