Kia ora, kumusta, hello and welcome!

Oh Em Gee Felt Florist is solely run and operated by me, Emily Gee. Yes that is where the name originated from, with a play on the expression “OMG!” or “Oh my gosh!”.  However, I am now married, so I am Emily Timoti. I am a mother of three boys, I have a passion for many things in life, with a strong belief that if you can find a job you love, it is not a job at all.

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, Oh Em Gee is New Zealand’s original felt florist. When I started, there was no-one else doing what I do, and to this day we are still the biggest felt florist in Aotearoa.
Each petal and leaf is hand cut, and each flower is constructed using wool blend felt fabric, although I do use other mediums in my bouquets as well at times.

Oh Em Gee felt flowers are more than just artificial flowers. Felt flowers tell a story.
With the majority of our work being commissioned or on request,
there is usually a beautiful reason behind the flowers my customers choose, along with the colours.

Being exclusively hand cut and hand made, no two flowers the same. 

No pollen, no bugs, no water.

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.