A Bouquet for a Mother with Cancer

A Bouquet for a Mother with Cancer

I was recently asked to create a bouquet for a mother with cancer, and her daughter. When someone mentions cancer, you’re heart instantly collapses. It is not nice, and whilst many do fight through and defeat the horrid ordeal, it still takes away too many people, and it often takes them away earlier than expected.

It is not the first time I have been asked to create a bouquet for a family dealing with cancer. And it is not the first time I have been asked to make one, in particularly for a mother and daughter. This bouquet represents many things and I wanted to explain it all in this blog.

My client, requested this bouquet as a gift to her friend and her friends mother. The friends mother has cancer. The cancer is spreading to the bones, and she may only have months to live. The flowers used to create this bouquet, each have a particular meaning, including the colours I used.

The brief I was given, was that the mother loves red, and bright colours. She is not a fan of pastels.

Favourite flowers: Roses, Tulips and Violets.

With this I went and planned out this incredibly special keepsake bouquet.

I started with the roses. I wanted those to be the main piece of the puzzle. Arranging a bouquet, is just like a puzzle. You need to make sure everything fits into the right place.

The meaning of the flowers, and the colours.

Now I don’t know this mother and daughter, I have never met them…but for me the flowers represented a few things.

For the roses I chose red. Red roses mean enduring love, passion and respect.
– the love between a mother and daughter
– the love that shows through the daughter and the way she supports her mother through this journey.
– the respect they have for each other.
– and possibly the respect they have for cancer.  I say this, because in order to fight this nasty thing called cancer, there must be some level of respect for it, because at some stage, you need to acknowledge, and accept that you have it (or that someone you love has it). Only then, can you begin to understand it, and begin to fight it.

I then looked at designing the tulips. This was brand new design that I have created, and brought to life.
I chose the colour orange for this flower on this occasion. Orange is a bright, bold and vibrant colour.
Orange tulips in particular mean energy, enthusiasm, desire and passion.

I wanted to use orange as a way to send out positive vibes.
– to represent energy, to have energy in the mind, body and soul, to fight cancer and stay positive throughout. I’m not trying to come off airy fairy, but I truly wanted to express those positive vibes through the flowers.

And lastly, purple violets express royalty, innocence, abundance and true love. 
– a mother to a daughter, can be looked at as a queen. 
– Both mother and daughter, are innocent. Innocent victims to that horrid thing called cancer. 
– and there is no denying, that the love between mother and daughter is true.

That is how I created a bouquet for a mother with cancer, and her daughter. 

This bouquet represents them and their journey.
Both now, here, today, in the living.
And one day, as the flowers live forever, so will the memory of this mother and daughter. 

A Bouquet for a Mother with Cancer 


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